Grow edible plants: color and flavor for your home

Have you ever considered growing edible plants at home? They are a good option to have in the kitchen and to prepare our favorite recipes.


Have you ever considered growing edible plants at home? In addition to being decorative, they are a good option to have in windows or kitchens, especially when preparing our favorite recipes . There is a great variety of culinary plants that can improve the flavor and aroma of our stews. To grow healthy and strong, we recommend using natural or organic fertilizers and make the most of the space, for example, creating vertical gardens with them.

  1. Varieties of essential edible plants in your kitchen
  2. Recipes with edible plants

Varieties of essential edible plants in your kitchen

There are several edible plants that we can have in our kitchen:

  • Chamomile
    • As a medicinal plant , chamomile is considered good for digestion and anti-inflammatory. Its flowers are similar to daisies and appear at the beginning of summer. When the flowering is in its final phase, the leaves of the base yellow, but will regain their vigor when transplanted.
  • Peppermint or mint
    • It is ideal for infusions as well as to decorate and flavor cold drinks. Within the mint family there are many varieties and, if you want to grow them, it is better to use different containers. It needs a lot of soil to make it shiny.
  • Balm
    • It is very appreciated to make relaxing infusions and for aromatherapy. As a medicinal plant, its toning properties of the nervous system stand out to treat anxiety , depression, nervous tension and digestive discomforts. To make the aroma of the melissa more intense, place it in full sun.Rome One of the classics of the kitchen. If you want to grow rosemary at home, it is very simple since it does not require special care. It is very resistant, even to severe winters, and it has to be moderately watered. In addition, this edible plant is also highly prized as a medicinal plant.
  • Thyme
    • It needs a lot of sun and is another essential in the kitchens. Its aroma is known by everyone, as well as its use in different stews of meat, vegetables or fish. It has many medicinal properties: it is antiseptic, digestive stimulant, antirheumatic and prevents anemia. You have to plant it in the spring. Perejil: One of the kings of the kitchen, it is essential in any stew. For its cultivation, we recommend placing it in partial shade and it can be harvested during the whole year. Place a pot of parsley in a comfortable place in your kitchen, because it will be a pleasure to have it at hand. You will not regret!
  • Basil
    • The ideal culinary plant to have it at home. In addition to the aroma that it gives off and the flavor that it provides to the recipes, it has the faculty to scare away the mosquitoes. Normally, it is good to place it in the sun, although when it is very intense it is better in the shade. Do not forget to fertilize and keep the earth moist.
  • Oregano
    • Oregano leaves are a basic dressing in Mediterranean cuisine , whether fresh or dried, where they have more flavor. They help promote intestinal transit and control obesity. Grow it in pots with well-drained soil, in a sunny place and then let it dry to use, for example, on pizzas. The seeds and leaves of the dill have a strong and slightly bitter taste. Use dry or fresh leaves for seafood, soups, salads, meats, poultry and tortillas. The seeds should be planted in the spring, at shallow depth, and in rows of 9 inches apart
  • Tarragon
    • Its leaves have an exquisite anise flavor to flavor soups, salads, egg dishes, stews, meats, fish and soft cheeses. It is also one of the ingredients of tartar sauce. We already mentioned in one of our articles that this plant is a natural aphrodisiac . In addition, it can be used to make vinegar leaving macerate for 2 weeks. Sow in early spring.

Recipes with edible plants

The edible plants can help us to be part of great recipes to which flavoring. Some proposals that have some edible plant among its ingredients are:

  • Rice with mango and mint sauce
    • For this recipe, we will need, in addition to mint, oil, peanuts, cheese, mustard seeds, green chiles, curry, mango, turmeric, salt and loose white rice . For the sauce, which is where we will add the mint, we will need cucumber, cumin powder, natural yogurt and salt.
  • Cucumbers with oregano
    • It is a recipe for very healthy snack. The ingredients that we will need are cucumbers, olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, salt and onion. Cut the onion into slices and place it in a bowl. Next, we will put the lemon juice and the oregano. Let marinate the mixture for 15 minutes. We will cut the cucumbers in slices, we will put salt and oil and we will serve the recipe.
  • Ventresca of bonito with tarragon
    • It is a popular recipe by Carlos Argentinian. We will put the tuna belly on the plate after putting a little salt. At the same time, we will cook tomato sauce with some tarragon leaves. When we have everything ready, we will put the sauce on a plate and on top of the belly.

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