Food at home

Our current pace of life leaves little room to devote to the kitchen. This is where the food at home gains ground.


And the fact is that in the life we ​​lead, not only does the workday and the family have a place, but we add many other tasks that also require time, such as physical exercise to compensate for the habitual sedentary lifestyle, training us to be up to date at a professional level , take care of our social life and, if there are more than a few minutes, dedicate them to those hobbies that we like so much. And, in the end, how much time is left to prepare food and dinner? Especially at night, when fatigue is already too much, there are many people who choose to order food at home .

  1. Knowing how to choose
  2. An option served at dinner
  3. Easy alternatives

Know how to choose food at home

The most frequent food delivery options until recently were limited to fast food, pizza, hamburger, kebab, chicken and chips. In short, fast food, you do not even need covered. Luckily, we now have many more options and that is where we have to know how to choose. And it is easy to surrender to what this type of food supposes, in terms of speed, pleasure and avoid the so repudiated task of washing the dishes. The problem appears when its consumption is more usual than it should, and the selection is limited to the aforementioned examples because its high fat content and caloric intake promote overweight and obesity. Something that should be especially taken into account when there are children at home.

The food at home is a growing market and new companies use the latest technology to make it even easier to apply and thus increase the demand for this system. In addition, there are intermediary companies that connect the consumer with a wide range of restaurants and different types of gastronomy. Therefore, today the consumer, if he wants, can make healthier choices.

Food at home: an option served at dinner

Keep in mind that the time of dinner is usually preferred to choose this option, and therefore should be a sufficient intake, but not excessively caloric.

Anyway, we must not forget that preparing dinner at home, besides being much cheaper, allows you to control the type and quality of the ingredients, as well as the cooking used. It should be chosen according to the foods already consumed in the rest of the day’s intakes. In this way we complete our daily diet so that it is as balanced as possible.

  • It should be lighter than food, so that simpler cooking will be chosen to facilitate digestion, because if it is heavy it can cause difficulties in falling asleep.
  • The first dish should consist of vegetables (salad, vegetable cream , boiled vegetables, sautéed or baked …) accompanied by a small amount of farinaceous food (potato, rice or pasta); and the second one should preferably contain white meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit …), white fish (sole, hake, turbot, cod, conger, bream, rooster, sea bass, whiting, grouper …) or egg.

Easy alternatives for home delivery

There are alternatives for home delivery that are very easy to make:

  • Varied green salad (lettuce or escarole, tomato, carrot, ..) + grilled chicken tacos mixed in the salad + bread
  • Tortillas or scrambled vegetables (mushrooms, asparagus or artichoke). Accompany with some bread
  • Gazpacho with croutons and French omelette
  • Boiled broccoli (with potato) with tuna
  • Salad with smoked salmon or smoked cod with quinoa
  • White asparagus of pot with slices of ham. Accompany with some bread
  • Sautéed spinach with raisins, pine nuts and ham. Accompany with rice glass
  • Greek salad (tomatoes, fresh cheese and oregano) with grilled turkey. Accompany with a quinoa glass
  • Soup of julienne vegetable broth with noodles and hard-boiled egg
  • Sliced ​​aubergine and grilled zucchini with onion omelet.
  • Fresh bean salad with turkey dice and skimmed cheese. Accompany with some bread
  • Tomato picadillo with cucumber and sepia plancha. Accompany with cup of couscous
  • Mushroom roll with garlic. Accompany with some bread

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