Children’s menu of the restaurants under test

The children’s menu when we eat out with children does not have to be of poor quality. We have to avoid fast food and junk food


Eating out is an excellent time for the little ones to try new dishes and learn to appreciate how delicious a varied diet can be, but it is not an easy task. If we are guided by what restaurants offer us within ” children’s menu “, this is usually limited to fast food, rich in fats, sugars, too much caloric and, therefore, not recommended.

  1. Analyzing children’s menus
  2. Another great attraction of the children’s menu, its price
  3. And then, what can we give them as a children’s menu?

Analyzing children’s menus

After 12 months, children can eat almost any food, except those that may contain toxic or those with risk of choking. The ideal is that from the year the children are able to eat pieces of food, with their own hands or with cutlery, always offering healthy foods, which makes it easier for them to try new flavors, textures and combinations. So, why limit children’s food supply? Much to my dismay, in children’s menus we almost always find the same dishes : hamburgers, nuggets, pizza, macaroni … and ice cream for dessert. The dish itself does not have to be of poor nutritional quality, for example, some macaroni made with a natural tomato sauce, with its onion, ajito … it can be a great dish, but make no mistake, they are usually cooked with abundant bad quality fat , flavored with sauces rich in sugars and again low quality fats and lacking any type of vegetable. In short, a meal not recommended for health. Think that eating out, on a holiday, is a great party for the little ones, so if you always do the children eat “junk food” they will associate it with something positive, because you share it whenever you are enjoying it. family. 

Another great attraction of the children’s menu, its price

In many occasions, when eating out of home we break the usual routine, and the children perhaps to eat later, eat little. For that reason, the very cheap claim of the price of the children’s menu means that many parents opt for this one, but we must think that we are giving them food of very low quality. 

And then, what can we give them as a children’s menu?

If the child is small, and therefore eats little and does not “pay” to order an adult dish, it is preferable to choose one or two dishes of entrees between adults and children, choosing those that they may like but that can also be healthy Among the entrants there is always a great variety, for example:

  • Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and eggs
  • Fried fish or squid (in olive oil)
  • Grilled cuttlefish
  • Octopus
  • Grilled vegetables and potatoes
  • Salads of pasta or legumes since they are usually accompanied by vegetables with eggs or fish
  • Creams or pureed vegetables
  • Bread with tomato and cheese
  • Omelette 

And then you can share with them the second one of your choice, a stewed meat or chicken, a baked fish, a paella … 

What you should flee is the “fast foods” or fast food , and opt for restaurants that “pamper” more your kitchen. It can be a good pizza made with fresh ingredients, where they prepare their own dough that has nothing to do with precooked and reheated portions. Therefore, choosing the right restaurant is usually the first step to teach them to eat healthy, also when we break the daily routine. 

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